October 8, 2010

swarm simulation

Nature provides a various number of systems, that seem to be of immense complexicity and to act completely unpredictable. On the same time, these systems consist of elements, that follow comprehensible rules regarding to each other and to their environment.

The simulation of those system enables to explore their behaviour and potential regarding self organization and self optimization in design and architecture.

The boids (class boid - black points) move by these five rules:
  • do not get to close to any of your neighbors
  • try to swim in the same direction as the neighbors
  • don't leave the sphere
  • if you get lost: try to catch up with someone, who's around
  • run away from the shark

The sharks (class shark - red points) move by two rules:
  • swim in the direction, where the most boids are
  • don't leave the sphere

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