July 15, 2009


urban design tool

The aim of the project is to question the role of computer-aided design methods in urban development, to ask in which parts of the design process the use of the computer can be appropriate. While commonly the focus of most computer aided design sotware is on drawing layouts, that are defined by various analog methods, it does not give the designer any information about the quality of the design itself.

The developed tool assists the designer in an early step of the design process, where basic principles of the layout are defined. While the conditions of the design regarding light, spatial, geometrical and urbanistic context are displayed, it can be addapted in real-time.

Aedas, space syntax
processing particles

Architectural simulation software has made great advances in the recent decades. Nevertheless its particular attention is paid to evaluate and estimate forms designed from different points of view. In the project attempts are made to embed physical simulation into basic design and form finding processes to develop interaction of the physical simulation, the designer, the form and the tool itself.

The project was developed for the seminar "gestalten 2.0" with moritz fleischmann at the chair of prof. mark mueckenheim, technical university of munich.

relaxation form finding

Form finding tool, based on the particle system.

1up project

WS 09/10 design project

Technical university of munich, chair for timber construction, prof. h. kaufmann & chair for architectural informatics, prof. f. petzold

swarm behaviour

Nature provides a various number of systems, that seem to be of immense complexicity and to act completely unpredictable. On the same time, these systems consist of elements, that follow comprehensible rules regarding to each other and to their environment.

The simulation of those system enables to explore their behaviour and potential regarding self organization and self optimization in design and architecture.


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